Thursday, 5 July 2018

Connections presentation

In here we found connections between The book "The absolutely true diary of a part time Indian" and the movie "The freedom writers".

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Comparing Conflict

Image result for all the countries in the world war 2

Number of countries that were involved:
5 major countries

List the countries:

Number of people killed:
More than 70 million people were killed over the time.

Time it went for:
6 years

Conflicts in the last 15 years:

How many are happening:

How many people were killed:

How did these conflicts last?
People making it worse by saying things and doing things to agitate the others


In WWII there were a huge majority of the worlds countries(102) fought for
freedom and to stop Hitler from killing the Jews and changing history for the
worst. A majority of the worlds countries fought against Germany and they
came out victorious but with many casualties. In this war more than 70
million people had died fighting for their countries. It went for 6 years and
they always stopped on Christmas to have a day off and have a brake.

In the Iraq war more than 5.4 million have been kicked out of their homes
since 2014 when the war started to hit a critical level. In between 150,000
- 460,000 people have been killed fleeing or fighting against the enemies.
It has been going for 15 years straight and and none of them have stopped.
They have just been fighting to get their way.

Mass Atrocities

There are three Mass Atrocity crimes that can be committed:
Crimes against humanity
War Crimes

  1. Crimes against humanity is where people go on a widespread killing
or killing just certain people. Unlike war crimes these attacks can be perpetrated
through peaceful times.

  1. Genocide is a deliberate killing of a certain ethnic groups or just a certain
type of people like Christians or Coloured people.

  1. War Crimes are defined by killing that will be taken to International Criminal
Court. For the people to go there they have to commit Willful killings or inhumane
torture to hurt someone’s bodily health.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Thursday, 22 March 2018

The description of Rowdy and Junior's friendship English

Rowdy and Junior are really good friends and nothing could break them up at the time. Rowdy would protect Junior through anything and everything and wouldn’t allow anyone to touch him and if someone touched him, they would feel pain emotionally, spiritually or physically. When people picked on Junior, Rowdy would stand up for him and he cut their hair off. And when an Indian got their haircut it is a sign of disrespect, so that meant that they don’t care about their heritage. Then he showed Junior what he had done to keep his friend safe and they both laughed.

Their relationship changed when Junior said he was going to Rearden and then Rowdy punched him in the head and he got a really bad black eye. After that they dropped from BFF’s to acquaintances in a matter of seconds. Junior wanted to fix their friendship by drawing and sending him emails but Rowdy didn’t act nice and sent him a picture of his anus after a lot of the emails. Junior thought that it was just friendly banter and carried on so that meant that their relationship was not dead but still holding on by a thread.

In the end their friendship fix itself because Rowdy was bored in the holidays so he walked over to Junior's house to see if he wanted to play a game of basketball. Junior was confused and asked why and Rowdy said he was bored. So they went down and played until the sun was below them. They thought about how good it was when they were friends and that is where I think they made up.